A Frontrunner Through and Through

A Frontrunner Through and Through

JJ-Lurgi secures a commanding position in the booming fatty alcohol market

For many people, everyday items like household detergents, washing liquids, fragrances and cosmetics are indispensable. What often goes unnoticed, however, is a fundamental ingredient that goes into all of them—fatty alcohols.

A deep dive into the ingredients list of these items reveals the ubiquitous presence of sodium laureth sulfate derived from these chemicals. Since the 1950s, JJ-Lurgi has pioneered the technology for driving fatty alcohol production. As the COVID-19 pandemic gave rise to heightened hygiene standards, demand for fatty alcohol rose exponentially. The surge led JJ-Lurgi to secure contracts surpassing US$100 million to produce over 500,000 tonnes annually—an increase that equates to a 15% rise in global consumption.

JJ-Lurgi’s strategic deployment of its innovative technology, including the groundbreaking LP3™, has played a pivotal role in the division claiming the lion’s share of the market. Coupled with the concerted efforts of the sales and engineering team, working closely with Dr Armin Brandner, a specialist in Frankfurt, the division has positioned itself as an unparalleled leader in the fatty alcohol market. Looking ahead, the focus remains resolutely on the successful execution of projects.

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