A New Digital Companion

A New Digital Companion

Jebsen & Jessen Group launches a self-service HR tool to improve business process efficiencies

Jebsen & Jessen Group has taken yet another step towards greater business process efficiency with the introduction of MORUS Companion. The self-service HR data tool, which underscores the Group’s commitment to automation and digitalisation, received a warm welcome at 10 launch parties across the region with over 800 colleagues, representing close to 80% of our user base, in attendance.

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Designed on the back of SAP SuccessFactors, which is a human capital management solution, MORUS Companion is a central “cockpit” from which employees can easily update their profile, apply for leave, and conduct other HR transactions without having to pivot between files or rely on HR for information.

During the launch, HRIS Manager Jitratda Tepsuwan and Corporate Communications Manager Anthea Ho demonstrated how MORUS Companion is fast, logically structured, and fun to use.

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