A Strategic Map for the Future

A Strategic Map for the Future

Jebsen & Jessen announces its Strategic Plan 2021 – 2025 with the battle cry: #AdvanceBuild

The Jebsen & Jessen Group has unveiled a five-year roadmap, outlining a clear vision and a concrete strategy for achieving a revenue target of S$1 billion by 2025. The Strategic Plan 2021 – 2025, summed up in the battle cry ‘#AdvanceBuild’, will see the Group maintaining its leadership position as a trusted provider of quality industrial products and value-added solutions in ASEAN and beyond, with an unwavering commitment to partner and grow with customers in a sustainable manner.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the Group has identified bright spots and emerging opportunities in the economy, and is ready to take prudent yet proactive steps on its growth journey. The Strategic Plan will guide the Group to grow in scale and relevance, which will also generate greater opportunities for every employee. Over the next few years, we will focus primarily on three growth areas:

• Growing our existing portfolio

• Investing in new opportunities

• Selectively pursuing opportunistic options

Based on market attractiveness, strategic fit, and feasibility in our “ASEAN and beyond” market context, these growth areas will guide us in allocating our focus accordingly. The success of the Strategic Plan hinges on our ability to strike the right balance between the entrepreneurial spirit of an SME, and the reliability and governance of an MNC. To this end, each Regional Business Unit will continue to benefit from Group-level support and resources, while enjoying freedom to pursue their specific business growth plans.

Centrally, the Group will continue to invest in human capital development to ensure that all employees grow in tandem with the business. Continuous learning and development will be a way of life as employees are given abundant opportunities to deepen functional skills, broaden their horizons and do the best work of their careers.

Tracking our #AdvanceBuild journey

All business units made positive progress in 2021. Suffice to highlight here the remarkable order intake in JJ-Lurgi, the all-time record orders and sales in JJ-LAPP, the best ever bottom-line in Jebsen & Jessen Ingredients, the extraordinary performance and milestone achievements of our new ITA venture within the all-round successful Packaging business unit, as well as the turn-around in Turf & Irrigation and the wider Technology business unit. All of this was achieved in spite of the fact that the pandemic had not receded in the way that we had hoped, but instead continued to impede our operations and those of our customers, particularly during the major Delta variant waves. As we launch into 2022, we remain cognisant of the fact that the pandemic is still very much alive and that there is significant uncertainty around us, both economically as well as geopolitically. We will have to remain vigilant and alert to risks, but also hopeful and steadfast in pursuit of our freshly laid out objectives for the years ahead, as captured in our #AdvanceBuild strategy.

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