A World of New Possibilities

A World of New Possibilities

Growth Mindset Training for all Group employees has begun with senior and middle managers completing the programme

Jebsen & Jessen’s rally cry to #AdvanceBuild is guided by a long-term business strategy that, on its own, is simply a blueprint. It can only be brought to life by people — people who believe in the vision and are both able and willing to act on it. That is why, as we lay the foundation for the Group’s next growth chapter, it is important that our employees grow alongside the business.

Inculcating a growth mindset in our employees was a key learning need that was surfaced during our strategic planning exercise in 2020. Someone with a growth mindset, as opposed to a fixed mindset, is more likely to look at a situation and see opportunities instead of obstacles. It is a perspective that embraces growth and development, which opens up a world of new possibilities.

This is particularly essential in a business environment characterised by volatility and uncertainty. To help employees unlock the power of a growth mindset, we invited Dr Reza Abraham, co-founder of InControl Group and Growth Mindset Master Trainer, to develop and conduct a two-day programme.

We launched this in April this year, with senior and middle managers across seven ASEAN countries successfully completing the programme by August. As a next step, it will be introduced to all Group employees.

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