Active and Engaged

Active and Engaged

How Jebsen & Jessen has engaged employees with Health & Wellness initiatives in 2022

Dec 2022 In a year when the world was emerging from the pandemic, Jebsen & Jessen’s Health & Wellness Committee members went above and beyond to engage colleagues through a slew of fun and beneficial activities.

The activities, held all year round, were centred on five existing key pillars: Environmental, Financial, Mindfulness, Physical, and Social.

In line with the overarching objective to bring colleagues closer together, the Group and country-level committee members collaborated to recreate offline activities online for greater accessibility.

To foster collaboration under the Environment pillar, various activities were carried out to advocate greener living, in line with the United Nation’s #OnlyOneEarth campaign in 2022.

Finance talks were conducted to boost financial literacy among colleagues across the region, equipping them with useful information to avoid scams and maintain healthy finances.

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For Mindfulness, each country organised activities to help colleagues combat stress and burnout, using cooking classes, ‘batik’ painting workshops, book clubs, e-game competitions and more to encourage healthy work-life balance.

Under the Physical pillar, a series of Fun-Fit Classes enabled employees to enjoy workouts with regional colleagues virtually. Employees could choose from intense workouts like HIIT and Tabata, moderate ones like Pilates and Yoga, or have fun together in dance workouts like Aerobics and Zumba.

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Finally, for the Social pillar, the committees unveiled the Group’s very own talent competition, JJ Got Talent, which received over 100 submissions and saw country finalists competing in a Grand Finale in September!

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