An Environmentally Sustainable Endeavour

An Environmentally Sustainable Endeavour

Jebsen & Jessen Technology - Pumps Division secures tender for first electric vehicle battery plant in Indonesia

Feb 2023 By 2025, the Indonesian government targets to have 20% of all cars on the road to be electric. Policies have been implemented to promote the use of electric vehicles (EVs), as the government strives to incentivise this transition.

Against this backdrop, LG and Hyundai have established Indonesia Joint Venture (IDJV), an EV battery plant located in the town of Kerawang. Jebsen & Jessen Technology - Pumps Division saw an opportunity to not only be a total solutions provider for IDJV, but to play a part as well in materialising Indonesia’s sustainability vision.

IDJV accepted the team’s proposal to customise and install a complete pump system for efficient water supply distribution at the plant. This addition to the business unit’s portfolio shows Jebsen & Jessen Technology’s engineering skills and accomplishments.

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