Capturing China’s Demand

Capturing China’s Demand

Jebsen Group displays confidence in the Chinese economy

Sister company Jebsen Group’s CEO Alfons Mensdorff has reaffirmed the sister company’s confidence in the Chinese economy in a recent interview with China Daily.

Calling market fluctuations as inherent to the trajectory of a long-standing family business, Mr Mensdorff cited the Group’s continued investment in Greater China as a strong show of confidence. This includes a series of recent acquisitions in the pet care and beverage industries, led by Jebsen Capital, which has brought brands like ADP Group, Vetopia, and 31Jiu under the Jebsen name. The sister company is also actively diversifying its portfolio to cater to evolving consumer preferences, particularly in the health and wellness space.

Alfons Mensdorff, CEO of Jebsen Group.
Alfons Mensdorff, CEO of Jebsen Group.

Central to Jebsen & Co.’s ethos is building consumer trust and investing in sustainable growth and value creation, to which end Mr Mensdorff stressed the importance of patience and a long-term perspective.

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