Celebrating 25-Year Milestones

Celebrating 25-Year Milestones

Congratulations to all staff who celebrated their 25th work anniversary with the Group in Q2 and Q3 2022!


Celebrations on 2 June and 31 August 2022!

Rafidah Salleh, Receptionist, Jebsen & Jessen Group, Singapore

Date joined: 4 November 1996

“Having Idah on the team makes a difference. She never shies away from new responsibilities and is always there to help. She is keen to learn and has a positive mindset. You’re awesome, Idah!”

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Tay Li Khim, Senior Accountant, Jebsen & Jessen Group, Singapore

Date joined: 2 June 1997

“Once a task is assigned to Li Khim, it’s as good as done — that’s the reputation that she’s earned over the years! Her commitment and ‘not giving up’ attitude make her a very valuable team member and has propelled her career with the Group.”

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Stephanie Tan Lay Khian, Financial Planning Analyst, JJ-LAPP, Singapore

Date joined: 17 March 1997

“Loyal and dedicated employees like Stephanie are the foundation of any successful company and a reflection of a great company culture. Congratulations on this remarkable milestone and thank you, Stephanie!”

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Celebrations on 25 July 2022!

Gloria Setiadi, Purchasing Executive, Jebsen & Jessen Ingredients, Indonesia

Date joined: 1 July 1997

“We call her ‘aunty’ as she cares for us like family and has taught us many valuable lessons both professionally and personally. We are blessed to have her!"

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Nuryanto, Office Helper, Jebsen & Jessen Ingredients, Indonesia

Date joined: 1 July 1997

“I’ve had the honour of working alongside Nuryanto for 25 years. What I admire most is that he never complains about his tasks, ever!

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Celebrations on 20 January, 9 June and 17 June 2022!

E Eng Kheng, Sales Manager, Jebsen & Jessen Ingredients, Malaysia

Date joined: 2 September 1996

“E. is always ready to step up. He shares his knowledge and experience to coach junior colleagues and reminds us that if we love our work, it’s never a chore.”

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Lim Pei Ching, Manager, Technology & Solutions JJ-Lurgi Engineering, Malaysia

Date joined: 1 November 1996

“A helpful and caring colleague who is appreciated by colleagues, customers and partners, PC is dedicated, loyal and hardworking. She’s the ’mother’ to our interns and always ready to lend a listening ear.”

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Jonathan Chooi Hoi Choy, Procurement Manager, JJ-Lurgi Engineering, Malaysia

Date joined: 2 May 1996

“From Sales Manager to Head of Procurement, Jonathan has proven to be a strong and diligent negotiator who keeps his cool when others get frazzled. He always finds a way to work through difficult situations.”

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Connie Yew Kim Lin, Indoor Sales Executive, JJ-LAPP, Malaysia

Date joined: 1 February 1996

“Connie has always put her heart and soul into her work. Her personal motto is ‘The early bird catches the worm’, so she’s always the earliest every morning. Thank you, Connie, for never saying ‘no’ to providing support!”

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