Creating Record Growth in Malaysia

Creating Record Growth in Malaysia

How JJ-LAPP grew the Greatech account by almost 80x in 10 years

By Beng Soon Chuah, Malaysia

Greatech is one of the world’s leading automation solution providers in the areas of factory automation. In Malaysia, where it is headquartered, it works closely with JJ-LAPP, choosing us not only as their preferred cable supplier but also in control panel design and industrial connectivity solutions. 

Our relationship with Greatech started in 2010. For the first few years, it was a relatively small account. However, we continued to work closely with the customer, using our values of trust, entrepreneurship, partnership and commitment to serve their needs. 

Within 10 years, we successfully grew the account to become a key customer and reached new heights in 2020 with a record-high revenue equivalent to 78.9X the original account value.  

Part of this was due to a major project win last year. At the time, Greatech won an exciting new project from an electrical vehicle (EV) manufacturer in the USA. As Greatech was working with a prototype that had no proof of concept, we offered our expertise and advice to support them. 

Once the design was finalised, we worked closely with our partners in Germany to ensure timely delivery. This was not an easy task due to disruptions caused by the pandemic and a sudden and unexpected surge in demand for shipping containers and raw materials globally. 
As we navigated these challenges, the customer witnessed, and appreciated, our commitment to delivering on our promises. 

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