Embracing the Future

Embracing the Future

Sister company Jebsen & Jessen Hamburg’s offsite meeting fosters proactive adaptation to upcoming headwinds and solidifies our unique corporate culture

CEOs and selected executives of the Jebsen & Jessen Hamburg Group gathered for an offsite meeting on 7 September to present their business case, focusing on opportunities, risks, and the overall strategic direction of various business units. Key discussions revolved around modern work environments, personnel development, and digitalisation, with a responsive stance to adapt quickly to future trends.

The meeting identified distinct priorities and objectives for each unit to be communicated and pursued by their divisions. There was a significant focus on integrating cross-sectional themes, ranging from mobile and office-based working styles to blending traditional philosophies with progressive work cultures.

After the meeting, a unanimous agreement to nurture a resilient corporate culture was reached. The culture aims to preserve a professional yet familial atmosphere, combining current trends with the flexibility and agility of a family business. This approach sets a promising path for Jebsen & Jessen Hamburg, aligning innovation with tradition.

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