Growing our People

Growing our People

A new learning and development framework readies Jebsen & Jessen employees to #AdvanceBuild

Jebsen & Jessen Group’s #AdvanceBuild strategy, which was formulated to pave the way towards Vision 2025, relies heavily on all our people being ready and able to progress together. To this end, the Group has focused on establishing a new framework for learning and development. This is designed to help our colleagues reach their fullest potential and be properly equipped to do the best work of their careers. At its core is a mindset shift from directed learning, where employees are assigned learning objectives and content, to self-directed learning, where they are empowered to take charge of their own development. This allows them to prioritise learning areas based on their on-the-job needs and career aspirations, and proactively seek out the skills and knowledge they feel they need to excel.

To this end, the Group has made LinkedIn Learning accessible to all employees in 2021.

Learning anywhere, anytime

As an online learning and skill-building platform, LinkedIn Learning offers engaging, on-demand courses, built around key business, technology and creative topics, delivered by credible industry experts. Employees can take courses anywhere, anytime, whether it is to solve an immediate problem at work or to develop themselves professionally for the long term.

Olivia Chua, Chief Human Resources Officer, explains: “In the last two years, the world has experienced unforeseen changes after being hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. Building resilience and increasing digitalisation are no longer ‘nice-to-have’; these are now an immediate and essential need. For us at Jebsen & Jessen, it has been important to adapt to the changing times with innovation and agility. This includes encouraging our employees to develop a growth mindset so that changes can be embraced quickly and easily. LinkedIn Learning is helping all of us do just that by providing a wide range of content, with a broad spectrum of perspectives relating to technology and business trends. Consequently, our colleagues are becoming more knowledgeable and better prepared, thanks to self-learning and individual development.”

This is taking root throughout the Group with 92% of Jebsen & Jessen’s LinkedIn Learning licences already active. On average, employees are consuming close to three hours of learning content each month and gravitating towards courses like Cultivating a Growth Mindset, Improving your Listening Skills and One-Minute Habits for Success.

From the Group’s perspective, encouraging self-directed, online learning among employees helps optimise resources and enables more scalable learning journeys.

The traditional model of learning, where the Learning & Development team plans and organises classroom-based sessions, is significantly more resource-intensive. This creates a limit to the number of courses that can be implemented at any one time and the number of colleagues who can benefit from each iteration of the course.

In self-directed learning, employees can learn on-demand. This reduces scheduling conflicts with work commitments and ensures that employees are in the right frame of mind to absorb the information on offer.

“Unlike other online learning platforms I have used, LinkedIn Learning provides instant access to its entire library of courses, which is amazing. Whether I want to fine-tune an existing skill or learn a brand new skill set, LinkedIn Learning’s world-class instructors make learning a joy. I look forward to continuing my learning journey and adding more completed courses to my LinkedIn profile!” shared Pierre Courso, Jebsen & Jessen Ingredients in Thailand.

In a world characterised by change, this new approach to learning will place both the Group and all its employees in a better position to thrive.

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