In Memoriam: Frank Schulz-Utermoehl

In Memoriam: Frank Schulz-Utermoehl

Jebsen & Jessen is saddened by the passing of Frank Schulz-Utermoehl, known affectionately and respectfully as “FSU” to all those who worked with him.

FSU joined us in 1972 and, together with Wong Hon San, founded and led Mechanical Handling Engineering — the precursor of the MHE-Demag Group. FSU was a larger-than-life leader, instilling a can-do company culture that continued long after he retired in 2003. He faithfully served in the Jebsen & Jessen Board of Directors until 2010.

Aside from leading MHE, FSU also became the speaker of what was originally known as the Jebsen & Jessen Group’s Executive Committee, a three-person leadership team consisting of himself, Manoj Beri and Heine Askaer-Jensen, that led our operations between 1986 and 1996. With Manoj Beri in charge of ‘Engineering’ and Heine Askaer leading ‘Trade & Industry’, FSU was overall responsible for ‘Manufacturing’ which, aside from MHE, also included our Packaging RBU, led by Chui Tau Siong.

After I joined the group in 1995, FSU became my mentor, long before I was to succeed him in early 2004 as Regional Managing Director of MHE-Demag. He was one of the most driven leaders I have ever met, with considerable charm and a kind-hearted nature. He was a formidable salesman but could also, when necessary, be a stubborn negotiator; his eye for detail was legendary both when it came to engineering and workmanship as well as when it came to financial numbers.

We extend our deepest condolences to his wife Norma, their children Kirk, Carrie and Tim, and their five grandchildren.


Heinrich Jessen, Chairman

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