Jebsen & Jessen Group Turns 60

Jebsen & Jessen Group Turns 60

Celebrating the unity that has brought us this far and the Mackerel spirit that continues to drive us forward

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Sixty years ago, on 24 December 1963, Jebsen & Jessen Group’s journey in South East Asia began in Singapore. Today, on the grand stage of our Diamond Jubilee, the Group radiates not with the brilliance of gemstones, but with the collective fire of people, cultures, and dreams woven into a tapestry of shared triumph.

The passage of time has not been without its storms. Singapore’s racial riots in the 1960s, the Asian financial crisis of the 1990s, the SARS and COVID-19 pandemics, as well as trials like factory fires and floods have tested our mettle, yet the resilience of the Jebsen & Jessen family only grew stronger. These moments exemplified the true essence of the Mackerel spirit: adaptability, innovation, resourcefulness, and steadfast optimism in the face of adversity.

Today, we find ourselves in an era unimaginable to those who planted that first seed. Over the past six decades, we have been transformed from a fledgling family trading business in Singapore and Malaysia into a diversified group of nearly 3,000 colleagues. Together, we serve 20,000 customers across the entire ASEAN region and are now rapidly entering global markets. Yet, amidst this remarkable expansion, our core remains unchanged – the indomitable Mackerel spirit, passed down from our founders.

Guided by this spirit, we strive to further strengthen our leadership position, aiming for the objectives of our current “Advance & Build” strategy: to grow our businesses and nurture our people.

Countless chapters lie ahead, built on our values of sustainability, entrepreneurship, innovation, and partnership. Within these pages, future-ready industrial companies emerge as architects of a more sustainable tomorrow for the next generation.

An enthusiastic senior management team looking forward to the next 60 years together.
An enthusiastic senior management team looking forward to the next 60 years together.


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