JJ-LAPP Indonesia Factory Reopens 

JJ-LAPP Indonesia Factory Reopens 

A story of triumph for JJ-LAPP, as they bounce back from adversity 

On 5 June, JJ-LAPP’s factory in Indonesia resumed operations. This was just five months after a devastating fire broke out in a neighbouring warehouse, damaging their building and machinery and, consequently, causing operations and sourcing issues.  

Despite this setback, the team worked tirelessly and in unison to get back on track to success. This is their story of commitment and resilience.

From Boom to Blaze

In 2011, the Indonesia factory was established as JJ-LAPP’s first, as the business strove to become a prominent manufacturing hub supporting customers in ASEAN. Over the next decade, the company relocated to a new facility, optimised its operations for maximum efficiency, and greatly improved its production speed and capabilities.

By August 2022, the factory was profitable and running smoothly. Then unfortunately on 29 December that year, a fire broke out in a neighbouring warehouse, spreading to JJ-LAPP’s warehouse and factory. The massive blaze caused extensive damage, and in the event’s wake, many felt that their aspirations for the company were battered.

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The ‘mackerel spirit’ of the team, however, remained unbroken. With determination in their hearts and a clear vision in their minds, the company rallied together to rebuild what was lost.

Rising From the Ashes

The structural integrity of the factory building was assessed for safety and repairs; the same was done for the machinery, as parts needed to be replaced. All in all, demolition, repairs, cleaning, and refurbishing the needful took about five months.

Sales teams, which were reliant on the factory’s outputs, faced sourcing challenges, which impacted delivery to customers. To overcome this, the teams explored alternatives and outsourced production to other LAPP factories to fulfil customer demands on time.

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After months of work, the factory was ready for a fresh start and a gradual re-opening in phases, starting with operations which began again on 5 June.

“It was uplifting to see how quickly the team recovered from the shock of the fire and directed all focus towards navigating this reality in the best way possible. The result speaks for itself and while there are still many pending topics, we are now walking again, and very soon we will be running once more. My gratitude goes to the many JJ-LAPP colleagues who were actively involved onsite and remotely to move towards a common goal”. - Marc von Grabowski, CEO of JJ-LAPP, reflecting on the past few months

The combined support and solidarity of the JJ-LAPP team enabled their factory to make a quick comeback and is a testament to their belief in its future potential!

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