Making Milestones

Making Milestones

JJ-Lurgi delivers the world’s largest oil splitting column to a customer in Indonesia

JJ-Lurgi achieved a new milestone this month with the delivery of the world’s largest and most innovative oil splitting column to a large Indonesian player in the consumer goods sector. The splitting column is a core process equipment in oleochemicals plants to split fatty acid and glycerine from oil.

The request for this special order comes in the face of increasingly global demand for fatty acids. This prompted the customer to boost plant capacity and tighten quality control. The splitting column will help them achieve both. Due to its size, it was delivered in two pieces for assembly on site.

The feat was made possible through close collaboration with long-standing fabrication partner Jutasama Sdn Bhd.

“Strong partnerships, both within and beyond our team, are key to unlocking milestones like this. Kudos to the extended team for making this happen!” said Jakob Helms, CEO of JJ-Lurgi.

Pursuing Growth

This achievement is expected to help JJ-Lurgi #AdvanceBuild on a global scale, as it seeks to source half its growth from markets outside its stronghold of South East Asia within the next five years. The new global strategy was unveiled earlier this year, as the business celebrated 30 years since its founding as a joint-venture between Jebsen & Jessen and Lurgi AG (now Air Liquide).

Having identified technology and process development innovation as the key to unlocking global growth, JJ-Lurgi’s successful delivery of the world’s largest oil splitting column will put it in good stead to accelerate growth internationally.

“We have secured over S$20 million worth of projects outside South East Asia and China over the past few years. This milestone adds to our strong track record and demonstrates the proven technology solutions that we can bring to customers worldwide,” added Mr Helms.

JJ-Lurgi’s five-year global strategy will see it prioritising growth in South Asia as well as North and South America, in addition to its home markets in South East Asia and China.

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