Meeting a Green Need in Tanjung Binerean

Meeting a Green Need in Tanjung Binerean

This year’s Meet a Green Need trip took place on Indonesia’s Tanjung Binerean Island, home to the Maleo bird and sea turtles

18 volunteers from across Jebsen & Jessen Group, alongside Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) staff, embarked on a mission to protect sea turtles and Maleo bird habitats. Their stay at the research centre in Tanjung Binerean, Indonesia was a far cry from luxurious resorts, providing a simple and truly nature-immersed experience devoid of modern amenities like the Internet.

Divided into two groups, the first team of volunteers constructed a boardwalk to protect wildlife spaces crucial to the Maleos while the second laid the foundation for a private sea turtle hatchery, safeguarding the eggs from human interference. Their efforts successfully transformed the area into a wildlife haven in just four days.

Watch the highlights from Meet a Green Need 2023:

Learning beyond construction

The volunteers engaged in enlightening discussions with WCS staff and a Dutch expert on natural history, gaining insights into Maleo conservation and egg identification techniques. They learned to make organic fertiliser and Hugelkultur farming, a practice taught by WCS to local villagers to help them reduce their reliance on chemical fertilisers.

The volunteers also participated in agroforestry planting, a sustainable agriculture practice to conserve biodiversity, improve soil quality, and reduce erosion. On the fourth day, they painted murals at Mataindo village school to raise awareness about the endangered species among children and the community.

The fate of the Maleos relies on the commitment of Sulawesi’s people to protect this unique and spectacular species unique to their land.

To learn more about our Meet a Need programme, click here.

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