Serving More Customers in South East Asia

Serving More Customers in South East Asia

JJ-LAPP eShop expands to serve Thailand and Vietnam

In line with its ‘Reliably Connecting ASEAN’ mission, JJ-LAPP’s newly revamped eShop is now available in every country it operates in, recently going live in Thailand and Vietnam. This is part of the business unit’s commitment to serve a growing customer base, particularly in these two countries.

The eShop’s expansion aims to benefit businesses and customers across the region. Customers can now easily access the platform to explore an extensive range of products and services, and place online orders more conveniently. JJ-LAPP dealers across the region can replenish stocks, access product information, and receive efficient support via the eShop. This makes it an omnichannel platform that unlocks new avenues for growth, strengthening the region’s economic landscape.

Among the enhancements made to JJ-LAPP’s eShop include a refreshed homepage design, a comprehensive product overview page, and improvements to the checkout experience.

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