The Amazing Race!

The Amazing Race!

Jebsen & Jessen’s Group creative event fosters resilience and unity among colleagues from across the region

This year’s 'JJ Amazing Race' event saw participants from seven countries converge in Malaysia for a medley of challenges, encompassing physical and cerebral puzzles that resonated with the five tenets of the group’s Health & Wellness programme: Environmental, Financial, Mindfulness, Physical, and Social.

The race also featured fear-confronting challenges, a “teh tarik” challenge, and a brain-freezing “cendol”-eating contest. Our participants exhibited resolve and sportsmanship, embodying the quintessential “Mackerel spirit” while they kindled new friendships. Standout moments from the race include a mascot-making challenge using recyclable materials, which tested the participants’ creativity in conveying meaningful environmental-centric messages in their creations.

When the organisers announced a dance battle, participants immediately let loose and grooved to the beat, showcasing their moves. Participants enjoyed the dedicated locations, which provided insights into the culture and history of Malaysia, enabling them to appreciate the local heritage. The event culminated in an enjoyable dinner to end the night meaningfully.

Olivia Chua, Group Health & Wellness Chairwoman, shared,

"This year’s Amazing Race challenge was to take our participants outside of their comfort zone. The previous years focused on a specific strength and may give certain leverage to some individuals. Using a mix of challenges, the teams needed to work together and combine their strengths. With the five-pillar challenge, we ensured that priority is given to each pillar and each team got to showcase their creativity!"

Big kudos to each country’s Health & Wellness Committee and colleagues for their dedication in organising an amazing event!

Watch the highlights from the JJ Amazing Race 2023:

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